Co-Creation Lab #2 in Timisoara!

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Co-Creation Lab #2 in Timisoara!

This week on October 16th, DISCE will run the Co-Creation Lab #2 in Timisoara, Romania, hosted by the cultural center Ambasada. Don’t know what a Co-Creation Lab is yet? Go and check the interview with Burak Sayin from Trans Europe Halles!

The workshop will focus on identifying common challenges around Business Models and working conditions in the cultural and creative sector, exploring the boundaries of synthesizing different types of knowledge about the CCI sector around the topics of inclusion, equality and entrepreneurship.

We are bringing together 30 people in the cultural and creative sector from 11 European countries: DISCE researchers, Trans Europe Halles (TEH) members and local stakeholders accountant firm near me. Practitioners (artists, cultural managers, cultural and creative workers etc.) will get together with relevant stakeholders (public administration, business, academia) with the main aim of sharing experiences and knowledge and start to think on a more strategic level in terms of a sustainable cultural and creative sector.

Participants will exchange knowledge and experiences with the objectives of collecting feedback on different topics within the scope of research conducted by the DISCE Project, and at the same time contributing Ambasada’s strategic plan, that as the hosting organisation will be the main case study of the workshop.
Moreover, the Co-Creation Lab will be an ideal opportunity for policymakers to engage with experienced creative and cultural practitioners from all around Europe.

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