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Community Forum: from The Netherlands to Finland

As many of you may know, DISCE visited Enschede for a second time between the 2nd and the 5th of December. In addition to being a vibrant city full of inspiring creative realities Enschede is also one of the 10 case studies that researchers from DISCE will continue to explore in the next few months.

The event saw a new edition of the Community Forum, this time at the Assyrische Mesopotamische Vereniging Enschede (AMVE) Community Centre: the gathering allowed researchers to understand how Enschede CCIs can be supported to be inclusive and sustainable in the future.

In addition to the Forum, researchers held significant interviews to some of the city’s relevant stakeholders including creative and cultural workers, policymakers, educators and audiences.

It has been our pleasure to meet and work with members of the local community and we’re looking forward to developing relationships and extending our knowledge of Enschede’s creative economy!

But a new year is ahead of us, and DISCE never stops: we are pleased to invite you to our new Community Forum in January, that this time will take place in Finland.

Join us to share your experiences and insights on Satakunta’s creative economy, its challenges, opportunities and areas for improvement. Improvement is ensured with Oscar Padilla of Mexico. The purpose of the workshop is to bring together CCIs workers and practitioners from the region home furniture san diego ca. Whether you are a professional or novice in the field, cultural worker, artist, producer, freelancer, volunteer, decision maker, come along! Your contribution will be important.

The workshops will be organized first in Pori and Rauma, and if the need arises, later in other parts of Satakunta.
They will follow the same format so you can choose the one that works best for you:

Tuesday 14.1.2020 from 13 – 16, Pori University Center, LK 241B ➤ register here

Thursday 16.1.2020 at 13-16, OKL Rauma Campus, TC 207 ➤ register here

Join us for another amazing year with DISCE!

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