DISCE presented at OECD Summer Academy

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DISCE presented at OECD Summer Academy

Researcher Paola Proietti from Gran Sasso Science Institute presented the DISCE project during the Summer Academy on Cultural and Creative Industries and Local Development, organized by the OECD, Trentino School of Management and European Creative Business Network in Trento 16th – 20th June, 2019.

The Academy involves policy makers, representatives of cultural and creative industries (CCIs) and researchers from 20 different countries.

It seeks to:

  • Stimulate the sharing of knowledge and experience between participants, experts and professionals from several fields related to CCIs.
  • Identify common interpretation tools.
  • Analyse the process of culture-driven social innovation and the role of CCIs.
  • Examine the CCI entrepreneurial process.
  • Foster debate around three main dilemma concerning Linear development vs Holistic approach to CCIs, Tradition vs Innovation, Preservation vs (re)Activation.
  • Foster networking among participants in order to exchange knowledge, practical experiences and work methodologies on CCIs’ and local development.

We were glad to take part to this stimulating event and share our reflections with a very engaged audience!

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