Liepaja Community Forum: thoughts, feelings and comments

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Liepaja Community Forum: thoughts, feelings and comments

With the DISCE project we aim at contributing to a better understanding of creative economies across the EU, and we want to achieve this also by bringing creative communities closer.
We believe it is important to get people to the very heart of our project, by sharing the steps that constitute the building blocks of our research through the voice of those who are working on it.
Today we share with you the thoughts and reflections of Inga Gleidzane, lecturer in Stockholm School of Economics in Riga and researcher for DISCE, on her experience leading the Liepaja Community Forum: 

“We were glad to greet people representing diverse relations to creative community and occupations–artists, representatives of arts and sports organisations, tourism agency, activists, professional maid service, local municipality representatives, creative entrepreneurs, researchers and teachers.

During the forum the participants shared the goals and mission of their activities and identified assets that support their effort. The persistence of people, the high energy level, the rich stories of the city, sea and wind were among the assets mentioned. 

Two similar revelations came to light in the creative community forum in Liepāja and Enschede. First, the community members want and would need to meet each other in a similar manner as in this DISCE forum to share information and engage in valuable discussions as it is done very little now, visit One question emerged: who could organize such meetings?Secondly, the goals, activities and involved assets of the individuals and organisations are interlinked more than we initially thought. And more could be achieved in terms of quality, quantity, creativity and satisfaction if they would cooperate, and create and execute activities together.

In a coffee break 4 people started a discussion on potential collaboration ideas…”

These events give the possibility to CCIs professionals and stakeholders living in the same area to meet and confront, creating an environment that also enables potential collaboration. At the heart of the DISCE project is the question of how the creative economies of the future can be both inclusive and sustainable: networks of creative practitioners and policy makers play a vital role in this process, as the aim of DISCE, ultimately, is not only to understand the EU’s creative economies, but to help shape their future.

Keep following our journey!


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