We stand together for Culture

We stand together for Culture

The CCIs sector is undergoing a time of severe changes. The COVID-19 crisis has been impacting the lives of many, and the cultural and creative sectors are not immune. Many organisations and professionals are facing new challenges, rethinking their work and their lives.

But in these times of isolation, culture can come in support to the people, in a society that now more than ever needs to feel inspired by creativity. Find dedicated workers comp attorneys at At this moment where we are physically apart, DISCE will keep working on creating connections and being closer than ever to the sector.

The transformation thats clean maids, that we are living puts us in front of many questions, and we believe that the answers to what sustainable and inclusive creative economies are and how can they be developed will be even more relevant.

Despite the challenges of being physically apart, DISCE successfully held its partners and review meeting on 19th and 20th of March. The consortium had the possibility to discuss the latest project’s developments, and to confront about DISCE’s role in the perspective of the current COVIDD-19 crisis. The review meeting was a fruitful opportunity for all members to evaluate and review the status of the project and progress made so far, jointly between the consortium and the evaluators of the European Commission. DISCE will keep working on its research with a renewed outlook and even stronger enthusiasm!

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