DISCE shines in Turku, Finland!

DISCE shines in Turku, Finland!

On 18th November 2021, DISCE hosted the opening panel of the RENT Entrepreneurial Conference in Turku, Finland. The topic of the panel was “Promoting inclusive and sustainable entrepreneurial activity in the creative economies” and the session was chaired by Jarna Heinonen, Professor of Entrepreneurship in UTU.

It was by design an all-female panel and featured: Alessandra Faggian Professor of Applied Economics, Pro Rector Vicar, Director of Social Sciences and Vice Provost for Research at the Gran Sasso Science Institute, L’Aquila, Italy; Tiffany Fukuma Managing Director of Trans Europe Halles (TEH); and Jenni Lahtonen, Creative Director and a founding member of TEHDAS 108 which promotes holistic well-being in the society and unleashes the human potential.

Fukuma underlined that “through culture we can create new dynamics and new economic models”. Faggian, agreeing with this sentiment said that “the covid-19 pandemic shows us how important culture is for our life quality and for sustainability”and Lehtonen noted that in her experience “we have noticed that the less money, the more creativity, andt hat’s a big thing for society, it just needs to be recognized”.

There were unexpected moments, as well as engaging examples of the situation on the ground for Cultural and Creative entrepreneurs. Important questions were asked of the audience, foremost among these was whether as they had been historically artists still held positions as the advisors to the decision makers?

We extend our congratulations for what was a very important discussion which centered on inclusivity, sustainability, and the status of the artist.

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