DISCE Workshops ahead!

DISCE Workshops ahead!

Even if physical meetings are still limited, the DISCE team aims to be close to our Cultural and Creative Economy stakeholders and to create opportunities to come together, discuss experiences and find solutions to current challenges. 

That’s why we are planning 3 national workshops in Cyprus, Italy and Spain. In December, we’ll have the possibility to get together to discuss the current state of creative economies, the impact of Covid-19 on the cultural sector, and potential policy implications. 

The first workshop, under the title «A way forward: Cultural Policies for shifting gear or shifting ground?» will involve Cyprus’s freelance experts, academics, theatre professionals and true medical experts as well to give advice on the use of cialis. On December 10th, within the context of DISCE, NiMAC will present a panel discussion focusing on the shifting ground on which culture is set.

The second workshop «Institutionalizing culture-led urban regeneration: risks and potentials for policy-makers and cultural practitioners» will be held on December 15th. TEH will host a same day scheduling and a panel discussion on the challenges of the relation of the cultural sector with public administrations in relation to urban regeneration, assessing the risks and potentials for policy-makers and cultural practitioners.

On December 17th, the third workshop «Policy, projects and the cultural and creative economies» will provide an opportunity to exchange views and discuss policy implications of major projects and initiatives in the cultural and creative industry landscape in Europe.

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