Partner Meeting and RENT Conference – Highlights

Partner Meeting and RENT Conference – Highlights

Last week we had the pleasure to participate and exchange thoughts in different RENT Conference’s activities and workshops.

First of all, we would like to thank  ESCB and the University of Turku for hosting the Conference. We would also like to thank the members of The Consortium for their participation and their interesting contributions to the great discussions that took place during these days.


17 November 2021

During that day, different pre-conference activities were carried out. The Consortium partners had the opportunity to exchange thoughts through the different workshops. Doctoral workshops were taking place during that day. Moreover, some of the topics of those discussed were:  literature, concepts, models and methods.

Another highlight, was the intense conversation about the methodology in women entrepreneurship studies.

And of course, the Interplay of Context and Entrepreneurship at Small Business Economics.



18 November 2021

During this day, the role of DISCE was quite important, as it participated in the opening session, hosting the Panel Discussion from the Keynote of David Audrestch: “Entrepreneurship and Democracy”.

The topic of the panel was: “Promoting inclusive and sustainable entrepreneurial activity in the creative economies” chaired by Jarna Heinonen.

During the panel, great questions were asked such as, are artists still the advisors to the decision makers? Interestings statements were also made by the panellists, specifically related to the importance of considering the creative economy as an agent of change now and in the future.


19 November 2021

Final day of a great conference. We started the day with a really interesting and enriching lecture on Ethnic Minority track with and Anthropological perspective on contextualising entrepreneurship by Michel Verver and Juliette Koning revealing how context operates in the background. In addition, to conclude the conference, different social events took place (sauna and cold water swimming experience) that allowed for the development of stronger interpersonal relationships.


After a few days of intense learning and exchange of ideas and thoughts we can say that DISCE is proud to have contributed to this topical discussion on the relationship between Entrepreneurship and Creative Economies.

Many thanks to all the people who made this possible. Looking forward to meeting you in Brussels the 3rd of March 2022 in the DISCE final hybrid event with policy makers and other stakeholders.





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